Minorstep – “YOU”

Minorstep – “YOU”

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epic elecro tunes from Athen / Greece, ,Minorstep “you” is catchy and dreamy it caught me in a jiffy like a half stack pancakes and syrup with coffee at brrakfast with a sunny disposition , it is straight and full soul , which will surprise all the people who thaught that future garage or 2step was bearable in a club with a ton of champagne, Minorstep’s “you ” got character and is tune which you will put yourself on heavy rotation , this tune mellow breakbeats , bells and whistles seem timeless beautiful, like a smile of a mysterious girl you saw in blink of a second which was so mesmerizing that you could remember years after

Minorstep is the electronic music project of the Athens-based producer, remixer & audio engineer George Kroustallis.

Contact: info@minorhead.com

From Minorstep’s forthcoming “You” EP

Out 2.4.13 worldwide on Loveless Records


Promo video:www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pla…amp;v=2STGu-l0M3I




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