Francophilippe – She’s a Machine

Francophilippe – She’s a Machine

“Francophilippe – She’s a Machine” is a magnifique french house monolith start like all the other french house tunes delightful  , playful and sweet;  we think about the first one ,we remember  all the other french house tunes, and all the details we love, playful , fun and some how plastic  kinky chic, does the witty keyboard and synthy melody let our feet dance and little rainbows and cartoon suns seem to enlighten the dark clubs, , francophillipes tune is like butterfly kissing your ears and dark halls become a playground for grown up children , who learn to fly again, dream with FRANCOPHILLIPE aka Alex Hindle from
Paris (via Newcastle, England), France ; and his tune and notes are the pixie fairy dust which seem to give us the ability to overcome gravity or just the heavy everyday dust seem to be not so heavy for a while

Francophilippe - She's a Machine

Francophilippe himself

“Been sitting on this one for a while, thought it was about time I shared it with the peebles.”





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