2days dish of the days are two previews i just fallen for ……….

1. Surround Me Remix (Preview) by Cosmo’s Midnight

“Surround Me Remix ” by Cosmo’s Midnight is  one of this songs which let me believe I  have to spread it and hope that more than me hear how beautiful music can be, this slick , smart and sexy electro tune is so full of passion that spring season  2013 seem to come around 2 month earlier , with this tune i wish to fall in love with this  tune and with someone , just a electro tune full love , hope and faith, ok this seem to be a little schmalzie but you have to hear it m and you will fall for this one , respect Cosmo’s Midnight

Surround Me Remix (Preview)

one of my favorite Cosmo’s Midnight mix

Little Prince Mix

A little mixtape I made of some of our favourite tracks this year
123Mrk – Untroubled + Breakage – The Promise
Justin Martin – Don’t Go (Dusky Remix)
Disclosure – My Intention Is War!
Kelpe – Bags Of Time (Neon Jung’s Wormhole Mixtape)
Bondax – Just Us
Luvian – Valley Girl
Fion – This Way
Dreams – Freak This + Ejeca – Riddim
Artful Dodger – Please Don’t Turn Me On (Disclosure Remix)

P.S Special Thanks to Mena Chan for finding the intro

2.PIXL Ft Nessakay – Promises *Teaser*

“Promises” by “PIXL ft Nessakay is a massive and beautiful Chilled out melodicstep I love it so much and i cannt await the full tune , this tune must be glorious and a wonderful produced melodicstep, i love PIXL since i heard his electro house tune “PUDDING” his work has the same magic like Yellow magic Orchester

PIXL ft Nessakay – Promises (Original Mix)
Chilled out melodicstep

PIXL – Pudding (Original Mix) *FREE DOWNLOAD*

just a simple beautiful ELECTRO HOUSE TUNE BY PIXL




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