Frank Ocean Ft OutKast – Pink Matter (Remix) (CDQ) 3Kings with dl

Frank Ocean Ft OutKast – Pink Matter (Remix) (CDQ) 3Kings

FRANK OCEAN with ANDRE and BIG BOY 2gether in one song “PINK MATTER” like ICE CREAM , delicious  chocolate fudge  and the first point one a munchy list, besides it got the crunch of 3 kings of R&B, total NUSOUL KINGS give us a perfect slice of SOULFOOD which is going to melt before the last tone , moist and filled with all the fruits and antioxidants to kill weaker tunes beside the other soul firmament , a tune which needs more true credit than Single-Barrel Tequila‘”CASA NOBLE ANEJO” , this tune is like the Anejo, it  is especially complex with notes of dried fruit, butterscotch, vanilla, dark chocolate, brown spices, and smoky delicious  does this sound, ya it sounds special nasty fine and not so less vegan delight

soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

besides that this tune of gold is 5 minutes long and it really seem way to short it appears like 1minute something a tune like a time machine to beautiful for 5 minutes

thanks to “ triplekingclub ” for posting this gold

my formally favorite by “ triplekingclub

Frank Oboy Ocean , BIG BOI & TripleStacks – Download while you can!!!! #TripleKingClub HEARD IT HERE FIRST!


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