Skyfall – Adele Cover – Poppy

Skyfall – Adele Cover – Poppy

Bruises - Chairlift  - Cover - Poppy

oh man cannot stop to listen to POPPy, she got all the things i was looking for if i was missing something  in all the super famous  stars everyone was talking about , all the tv , make up diva machine cloning industry, hairograhpy , d cup , walt disney produced superstars , and with this tune from ADELE who for herself is so outstanding talented she  conquered just by her voice the world over night  , ok there is ADELE ‘s voice and here is POPPY’s but both for themselves are so outstanding gorgeous and  unique god given talented that my heart bruises while i am listening to one of them , i wish i could believe in Justice , that music can change the world , love exist besides Santa Claus and the Easter bunny and while POPPy sings i can believe in PASSION and feel the lust to live more and there is one person in the world i would  be forever listen too. ok that ‘ s the biggest lie ever but for the moment POPPy sings i could swear on the bible that i do and i would believe it for myself until her next song comes around and i would swear on the holy book again, it is so tempting to do so if you hear she sing you will understand the circumstances  and i truly believe that the holy deity himself do understand my desire to listen to her voice because he gave it to her and her voice must be heard and understand that it must be one of both sides or both sides came to a table somewhere in Nashville and decide that such a mighty force and voice have to exist in such a dull grey world where billboards tell us to love the same stars again and again , there have to be force which has to exist just to shift and blow all the casting stars away in one blow , a mighty fatal move just to set the world right and now 2day it is POPPy

Here she sings ADELE “SKYFALL”, not so orchestral but impressive beautiful so that i am always close my eyes and levitate away , the famous kind of traveling without moving , hold my breath until i need the air again not breathing to much it could disturbing my pleasure i have while i listen to POPPY

i think i do a little going overboard the way i depict her but hell look at the J.B, , Super J.and the other  fanatics let me do it while i am totally convinced from someone and that it is ok to tell someone that there is someone like POPPy out there which worth to listen to and spend a little from your short lifetime to listen too , today, now it seems to be POPPy which seem to that person

and for my bruised heart and knee she got a song too and i am grateful for this one

sometimes it worth it to be  an idiot for a girl and she worth it , love it or hate it but not ignore POPPy you will see that she is going to come around real huge and massive



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