Perfect Government (NOFX Cover) a tribute by “The unused WORD”

Perfect Government (NOFX Cover)

Perfect Government (NOFX Cover) a tribute by “The unused WORD” FROM Vienna and ANNA  sung with passion and love  , I am for myself  love NOFX for a long time and i have to say that this tribute is really nice done , the polite tone  is nice  and the choir made a real good job to point out the real important words and it is not really  cool,  brilliant , the way the choir pronounce the F-word is brilliant ,do not look back in anger and the F-word does not need to be  treat to be like culprit or a   perpetrator, love how careful the choir retouched the whole song thanks that you finished   i am always insisting that the F-word should not always impressed with anger  , it is not possible not to love this version  of the “Perfect Government” from NOFX sung by “The unused WORD”

respect i think Fat MIKE would love this one

ANNA the founder of “The unused WORD”

The unused word’s avatar

Found a half-done NOFX cover from 2011 when I was going over some old drafts, and tonight I finished it. I don’t own the rights.. this is just a tribute. Anyway, the original version is grand. In fact, this goes for the whole album, Punk in Drublic. It’s from 1994, but these lyrics to this song are still equally applicable.

Music/Lyrics: Mark Curry.”

Listen to the original here:


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