“Going Nanananana” by “The unused word “

Track artwork

Going Nanananana by The unused word

Soul easy deep, sensed, and deep like “The Weeknd” but simple so that a simple minded people like me understands it from the first tone to the last, what?! i am still speechless to find such a perfect soul treasure today , it is deep fried soulfood crusty coated with a delicous golden crust which reflects the sun and keep the dark meat well coated , ya soulfood pure delicous and yummy , this one is pure poison, diabetical and full cholesterin , the worst  kind of ……because its so addictive tasty like chocolate or a kiss

just read that ANNA the founder of “The unused word ” from  Vienna had assembled a choir, plays piano and works with logic , see here her Soundcloud comment , and i  bet she is married , the best  are always taken ,


I’m Anna aka The unused word, and I’m a singer, producer + instrumentalist from Vienna. I started playing piano when I was six and a half, picked up producing in 2005 at the age of 20, started working with Logic in 2008, and founded a choir in 2009. I study composition at the mdw with a focus on electroacoustics. Most of what I know about producing comes from hanging out with Shockwave_Dubstep, whom you can also find here: sonoro.
Hope you like what you hear.

Thanks for listening!

what ” the unused word” mention

A very quick track for tonight’s beatmaker session, done in 2 1/2 hrs, no proper mixing (only one speaker & lack of time) or mastering. Sorry for that.. maybe there’ll be another version!


still a real nice tune

a bit of a show off but you got my respect


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