“Wolfgang Gartner Kindergarten” RECORDING got a new ROCKER “Popeska” from ATLANTA

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Popeska – Karmameter EP

A WUNDERKIND , BOYWONDER 19 years old and rock the ELECTRO HOUSE BIZZ with skillz and  like a PRO with all the experience in his sound , it seem that he got the groove in his blood and his tunes are so beautiful vibrant full power and esprite, WOLFGANG GARTNER  got a new SUPERSTAR in his CREW , 19 years and skillz like a PRO

POPESKA rocks the whole EP and every tune seem to put more coal and geting real feisty from tune to tune and you can hear that he is starting from another skill level , i really looking forward what masterpiece he is going to produce with whom  he will collaborate and when will he release his first KINDERGARTEN LP

this ep is on a rocking royale elctro house level sensei grade, respect this student got real kung fu

source ” sonissick.com”

Popeska, the 19 year old Atlanta based rising producer just got signed to Wolfgang Gartner’s newly launched Kindergarten Recordings. Karmameter EP, is a 4 song progressive electro house EP, showcasing Popeska’s diverse and unique style of club music. It features label owner Wolfgang Gartner, in the form of his smashing official edit of “Now or Never”. This is Popeska’s biggest release to date, and is sure really send him off.

Popeska is currently supporting Wolfgang Gartner alongside his Love & War tour from September 27th – October 31st.

Thissongissick.com Exclusive Stream

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Release/catalogue number: K001
Release date: Sep 17, 2012



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