Cedric Gervais – Molly (Error23 Remix)

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Cedric Gervais – Molly (Error23 Remix)

so sad i like this tune and the story about Deadmau5 and Madonna mention in the huffiington post, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/26/deadmau5–madonna-molly-ultra-_n_1379437.html#slide=812984

makes it in my eye not a bad song man, i enjoy music if it is good , and some1 like them who wanna party to get the 24/7 , 5-9 thing out of their system and take this substance to get into it , ok  for me , it is in my eye the same method like a bottle tequila and whisky, Madonna is a entertainer who is using the trend of the present time to sell her record and sometimes is such a thing like a nip slip or cone bras, or the announcement she did her way to produce it, i do not care about marketing , i just care about music, and i did not check her album, by the way i do not care about billboard charts  too, if i do i would miss a lot of good music ,

if i chose between deadmau5 or madonna’s party i chose deadmau5, he do produce and live the music, madonna is an iconic figure , ok, but she got what she wants and that is just the fame

and this Cedric Gervais tune is one hell of a electric tune i enjoy without any substance to make it appear better it is just good produced and well meant

hell deadmau5 is not the music producer for particular this group of people he is a good producer of well handcrafted house music , try to enjoy this substance and hear other music it will enhance every kind of music the music is about music and if some1 chose the substance is the whole enening about the substance,

just observe how often they just observe themselves and ask themselves if they got the effect , there is no space and time to enjoy the sound sometimes


One thought on “Cedric Gervais – Molly (Error23 Remix)

  1. I didn’t know about this story, lol. Sick remix anyway!

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