[NSF] Fexomat – ˌindəˈvijəwəl Fexomat

Track artwork

[NSF] Fexomat – ˌindəˈvijəwəl


breakcore like this one is just crazy , crazy art by a genius who wave sanity long time ago good bye , and take a turn in the rabbit hole maybe two, and he found out that hardcore is nice , speed metal core is a part of the rabbit hole of sound, and techno is a mandatory lesson to learn , but he came back and now he take all he learned and put it into such a fun piece like this and rock all the mentioned simple facts in one tune ,

some house producer told me breakcore are just lonley middle aged man who just fit in some samples , some mean samples,  i just started a house party in hamburg of the infamous HOUSE of underground artist like where FELIX KUBIN and other fancy ELEKTRO LEGENDS had their studio with breakcore now it must be about 9 years ago and the folks where not ready for breakcore must be the the wrong time and it was a set at six oclock in the morning,
i was asked to turn to raggacore  i was ok with it one of  my first it was fun i was instantly hated by all the houseproducer, the hip hop people thought always i was a bit retarded , icould never recall their names and what they heard was meaningless to me , come on 99 percent of hip hopper are homophobe kids  and little less tolerated by drum and bass djs , i would play this one it got every part to piss themoff again

my respect to fexomat nice one


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