“Deuxième” by “Tours”

“Deuxième” by “Tours”
is like one of these little funnies where two little naked preferable a blonde hottie and his dude with black emo haircut define what love is ………………….., like love is when you love to listen,  love is when u still stay if it is late,
or love is great because you could put her on heavy rotation ,
you have to love this tune because of so many aspects, the well handcrafted concept blah blah how  dope blah blah, it is just like u dive into a pool and swim , the cool sparkling bubbling excitement of water flows around u and you love it , you know u cannot breath here but u love every second to be here , the stroke to the surface to take a breath , the excitement to reach the element which saves your life and on the way to it u still luv it to see the reflection break in front of you , u reach the surface and understand how these exprience cooperate to be so wonderful you live here and that under water is a new world and you swim again and you remember “Deuxième” by “Tours” , it was the same u dive in the tunes and let it flow around u and u flood and hover between the tone and the moment until it stops and u discover the surface of reality and u stand in the queue in a department store
and you see them, the two naked dudes , the girl and the man, but clothed in sweatpants and hoodies and they both smile at each other , you press replay and you dive back again and you note it for yourself to love you u more because there is one heart beating for you always that is yours ,you love because you are alive and a song like these just bring you back to yourself and what is means to live and love , one little difference in the words i and o and you can love because you live , thanks to artist like “tours”we can take our time to learn it again in the moment we hear their craft and art work
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